Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you because of a feeling that has been growing inside me as Dear Darkly gets closer and closer to release. I want to try and explain it to you in a way that might somehow reach across the distance between whatever tiny corners of the internet each of us is perched on.

The Boat People have been making music together for a few years now and while a lot of things have changed over that time, one thing that hasn’t is our love of albums - making them and listening to them. Albums from start to finish. Universes in which each song is a galaxy.

The lead up to a record's release once recorded, even for an independant band, is tangled up with so much complex machinery you begin to wonder if you'll ever be able to find all those people you've met over the years or whether somewhere along the chain, down in the basement rats have chewed through the cables and you will never be able to see each other again.

So I have something to ask of you as a friend, if not as someone I have actually met then someone who might share the feelings I've been talking about, as someone I can sense on the other side of the wall, someone for whom I have saved up all these things I want to say for this album, saved them up in my two hands.

What I want to ask is this... If ever in the past our music has made you feel something, made you feel happy perhaps, if we have ever been a part of your life and thoughts or if you have ever been part of ours (and there are many who have), please now take the time to buy a copy of Dear Darkly, hold it in your hands and listen to it because this is the album that is finally us and we want more than anything to share it with you, for you to take it home and discover what remains there beyond anything that might be happened upon via idle curiosity or what you may already have heard in passing.

Your doing this would mean the world to us.

Thank you,
Robin xxo
(for James, Charles, Tony from The Boat People)

Listen to a preview of Dear Darkly


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